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Support a child by donating funds towards the "Educate A Child" Initiative.
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For every $225 raised, we will donate a EduTAB B-LINK HD8 tablet to a student in a third world country in our effort to “Provide equal access to quality education”.

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Providing a Brighter Future

Our “Educate A Child” initiative seeks to help children in third world countries gain access to better foundation level education through the use of technology.

Students will receive an device that does not require internet access.

Over 180 educational apps for student in Pre-K to 5th Grade (3-11 years).

We support students in the Caribbean, South America and Africa.

All tablets includes all accessories and access to CaribCloud e-learning.

Tablets Donated

Tablets are distributed every quarter to a Non-profit organizations in third world countries that provide aid to students.

Next Donation: June (Q2)

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Are you member of a Non-profit organization that supports digital education for students in third-world countries or a student out-reach program? 


Register your organization with EduTAB to receive our educational tablets for students in need of access to early childhood education.



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