EduTAB Device Protect

A second level of protection for your device; includes screen replacement, device restoring and/or complete hardware replacement.

Accidents can happen...

The EduTAB Protect package allows you to add an extra layer of protection to your device in cases of accidental damages or defects not covered with the included manufacturer warranty.

1. Screen Replacement

Protection plan that covers the repair or replacement of your EduTAB screen as a result of accidental drops, water damage etc.

2. Unit Protection

Complete protection for repairs and replacement of all EduTAB components not covered in manufacturer warranty.

Accidents can happen at anytime, to anyone, with any device.

NOT Insurance,

EduTAB Protect is not a insurance policy for your tablet with recurring payment. It’s a one time payment that gurantees repairs or replacement of your device if damaged during the specified protected period.

Cracked Screen

Kids can get excited using technology, thus causing anxious reactions resulting in cracked or tablet broken screens.

Water Damages

Accidentally or incidentally; kids try to use their EduTABs any and every where they can, subjecting it to water and other liquid exposures.

Remote Support

EduTAB Protect comes with remote support for your device. Should you ever experience technical software issues while using your EduTAB.

Battery Replacement

It's sometimes hard to get kids off EduTABs, this is likely to increase charging cycles and will limit the unit battery life span.

Need help with your plan?

Do you have an existing plan and would like to send us your device for repairs or replacement, please use the following mailing address to send us your device.

23402 Breckenridge Dale Ln,
Spring Texas, 77373

Before mailing device, please check your warranty and/or protection status under the My Account page, or call our support center for guidelines.

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*Please read the Terms and Conditions related to EduTAB Protect plans berfore purchasing.