EduTAB Jr.

Packed with over 50 full version, offline, interactive educational apps for Kindergarten to 2nd Grade students.

Innovation & creativity sparks curiosity in young minds.

Specially designed to stimulate early childhood education.

The EduTAB Jr. is a 7″ educational tablet designed to develop early childhood creativity in Pre-K to 2nd grade students through the use of interactive learning games, story books and other educational apps.

No internet needed, all applications run completely offline.

Interactive and engaging story telling using  audio and animated visual content.

Students get a head start in developing critical thinking skills, eye-hand co-ordination.

With Seven Inches of Creativity

Packed in a compact, light weight, yet powerful, interactive and easy to use device.

Interactive Stories

Over 12 animated interactive story books with tales to keep kids engaged while learning independently.

Early Math Skills

Teach your toddlers shapes, numbers colors and more through interactive learning techniques they won't forget.

Literacy & Science

Rapidly develop your child's learning ability with engaging phonics apps with interactive graphics and sounds

Apps with "Toddler Mode"

Now you can switch between modes in some multi-mode applications to enable more interactive features to stimulate learning with fun for toddlers. 



Give your toddlers more excitement with animations and voice overs tailored specifically for them.